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American Express: Sue will put a spark in your life and a twinkle in your heart when you hear her personal antics of "Celebrating the Ordinary" in her own life. What I thought was so fun was that the men were laughing even harder that the women! Keep you calendar open Sue, we want you back again!

Nordstrom: Our employees left the meeting laughing, they truly enjoyed themselves. It made me feel great to have so many of our employees personally thank me for having you. I really feel that if you can face life and keep a good sense of humor, you'll never take yourself too seriously. Thanks again for the bright spot in our day.

Southern California's Gas Company: I am still getting comments about you from those that attended. Words such as "Fantastic! Where did you find such a great speaker?" "I never laughed so much, that was the best speaker I've heard." "She was so full of energy." The praises go on and on...

Coldwell Banker: Sue was highly motivated. She kept us on the edge of our seats as she drew us into her presentation. While Sue's presentation was humorous and motivational, we also found it contained useful information easily applied in a daily routine. We would not hesitate to invite Sue back again if the opportunity presented itself.

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