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Sue's first book is a compilation of the humor
and wisdom she has gained throughout her
struggles over the years.  A fierce defender of the
family, Sue devotes many pages to the warm
and wonderful traditions families used to share,
and provides a multitude of ideas for bringing
them back.  Of course, she also includes many
house beautifying tips, and many wry
observations on men - who they are.  This is a
book for tears and a book for belly laughs.

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Creative displays can draw Customers, increase sales
As ran in the Fruit Growers News and The Vegetable Growers News - Jan 2004
Sue Kirby interview by Greg Brown, Associate Editor

Rather than lining the jams and jellies up in two straight rows, be creative, and
look at your display area with a whimsical perspective.  Then, make a great
display for your individual products and be prepared to sell the whole display.
That is the message of Sue Kirby-Wisehart.

Kirby-Wisehart is a consultant who adives retail outlets on display design and
speaks at retail trade shows across the country.  Recently, at The Denver
Merchandise Mart, she told display designers to remember that everything is for
sale, so have a price in mind for the whole display. 
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